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Collage of Club 112™ Members
Collage of Club 112™ Members

Get the best from Amplife®.

Featured Benefits

Death Cheater™ Day

Date of cheating death. We send you a discount on this day.

First access to new drops

Latest styles, easy shopping.

Savings for Members Only

Amplife® deals don't happen often, but Club 112™ Members get more.

Amplife® Community Victories

Empowerment from Club 112™ Members.

Club 112™ Members wearing the 112 Innerstrength T-Shirt and sticker

Amplife® = 112

A = 1st letter
L = 12th letter

112 represents the disabled community's innerstrength, determination and resilience to break barriers everyday.

Club 112™ logo
Club 112™ logo

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    • Club 112™ is the best of Amplife®. As a Member of Club 112™, you will be the first to know about new drops, exclusive discounts and information about the disabled community. It’s free and easy to join.

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      Yes. Members enjoy all the benefits of Club 112™, at no cost. Even if you've never purchased from, it's free to become a Member.