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Amplife Stories Guide

Everybody's Amplife® Story was created when they joined the disabled community. No matter your disability, there is always somebody you can help by sharing your Story. This guide is here to help you authentically express your Story to empower others.

1. Write your Story

Writing out your Story will allow you to cover every aspect of it and allow us to share the written version alongside your photos and videos! If you want to create a video compiling all the photos and videos with your Story, which is not necessary, it will be easier if you write the Story first. Things you should include:

  • A bit about yourself!
  • Where your journey started!
  • Barriers you've overcome!
  • Ambitions for the future!
  • How you feel rockin' your Amplife® Clothing!

Here is an example of a Story in a video format from Team Amplife® Ambassador, Oscar Loreto, Jr.

2. Gather all videos & images for your Story

Don't feel discouraged if your photos & videos aren't the best! Whether you share photos or videos, show the world how you rock your Amplife® Clothing! Please send all photos & videos as long as they are generally in focus and that the audio is generally clear. If you're recording yourself speaking, try to be in a quiet environment with the microphone a foot away from your mouth.

3. Share your Story

When you’ve got everything ready, share it with us and that’s it! We will let you know when it is on

The barriers that our supporters overcame and where the Amplife® takes them next.

Share your Story Stories


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