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Simple Amplife® Awareness Social Media Posts

Amplife® Awareness logo. Celebrate the disabled community. April is Amplife Awareness. Can't stop. Won't stop. Refuse to stop.

Full Amplife® Awareness Social Media Posts

Amplife® Awareness logo

Amplife® Awareness Logos

Amplife® Awareness logo. Celebrate the disabled community. April is Amplife Awareness. Can't stop. Won't stop. Refuse to stop.

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Amplife® Awareness Social Kit

Amplife Awareness Social Kit

Join us in sharing Amplife® Awareness and help spread awareness for the disabled community!

As you post on social media, use the hashtags #AmplifeAwareness #AmplifeAwarenessMonth and #AAM. Be sure to tag us so we can share your posts on our social media feeds! 

Instagram, TikTok, PinterestFacebook, YouTubeLinkedIn - @amplifeclothing

- Rock your Red Mondays. Show the world how you rock your red every Monday (or every day)! Shop Amplife® Clothing.

- Cover everything. Update all your social media cover pages with our Amplife® Awareness social media cover page banner images.

- Tell your politician. Get involved with your local community! If available, tell your local politician about accessible infrastructure and healthcare rights for disabled individuals and families. Imperative information to share can be found here.

- Share your Amplife® Story. No matter if you were born with disabilities or new to the community, there is always someone you can impact. Share a bit about yourself, where your journey started, obstacles you've overcome, ambitions for the future, and how you feel rockin' your Amplife® Clothing! The Amplife® Stories Guide can be found here.

- Disabled facts. Despite the size of the disabled community, both awareness of and scientific information about the community’s issues are lacking. Share as many facts with your community as you can. All imperative information to share can be found here.

- Healthcare awareness. During your next healthcare appointments, raise awareness by sharing Amplife® Awareness Social Kit Materials and imperative information. It is critical that healthcare teams are educated and understand how to care for their patients with disabilities.

- Spread Amplife® Awareness. Rock your Amplife® Clothing and share our Amplife® Awareness Social Kit!

- Healthcare appreciation. Explain how your healthcare team has supported your recovery and journey. If possible, share their information for others to contact them.

- Share Amplife® Love. Amplife® Love was created to donate & support our community with every purchase on Amplife®. Post on your social media that we support Causes who share a deep, genuine respect for the Amplife® Community, the effort, dedication and personal commitment to bettering their lives and the lives of others. Sign up or share with others to join Amplife® Love.

- Amplife® supporter. You do not have to be a person with disabilities to support Amplife® Awareness Month. For caregivers, friends or family members of our community, share why you support Amplife® Awareness Month.

- The pen is mightier than the sword. Share texts, poems, essays, sentences, articles, lyrics, or any text that empowers you.

- Ambassador connections. Learn from our Team Amplife® Ambassadors and connect with our community. Sign up or share with others to join Team Amplife®.

- Join the Club. Share and encourage others to join! With Club 112™, people get the best Amplife® has to offer, such as Members Only Savings, 1st access to new drops, and belonging to an amazing community.

- Cannabis connoisseurs. Amplife® is proud to support the cannabis community and research behind the health benefits. If you are a cannabis patient, please share how it has helped you.

- Support appreciation. Share how your support group of friends and family has helped you throughout your journey, impacted your life, and the importance of having support. 

- Community improvement. Is there something needed to improve the lives of people with disabilities? Share to your local news, politician, and community leaders about the different ways your community needs help.

- Setback solutions. Share when you've had a challenging time or ongoing issue during your journey, what you tried, and what solutions you discovered.

- Support story. If you give care to a person with disabilities, your story is also important. Share the journey and realities of being a caregiver.

- The best comedians. The disabled community likes to use comedy as a form of support. Share some funny jokes you’ve told or funny encounters that you experienced.

- Bloody community. On top of Rock your Red Mondays, encourage all to rock their red for Amplife® Awareness Month. Share posts on social media to highlight how your community bleeds red.

- Encouragement. Share what you’ve learned along this journey with someone who just became or is about to become a person with disabilities.

- Show your gear. Flex your prosthetics, wheelchair, crutches, cane, etc. Share how they enable you to be yourself.

- Stop the assumptions. People with disabilities are some of the most amazing people on the planet. Share what you wish others would stop assuming. 

- Honesty. Share a secret you have kept to yourself that you would like others to know. sharing your feelings can help others better understand you and help your journey.

- Your new normal. Describe how living with disabilities affected or changed your life. Sharing your new normal may not be easy, but it is empowering and can help others.

Thank you for sharing Amplife® Awareness! Please continue to share your support for Amplife® Awareness year round!


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