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Since July 5th, 2023
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity
Antioch CA, United States
Community Connections

Amplife® Foundation's Mission: Help & empower the disabled community*.

*Disability affects everybody.

About Amplife® Foundation

The Amplife® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by Amplife® to help & empower the disabled community.

Even though people have had disabilities since the beginning of time, the resources are limited, conflicting, and the community remains fragmented. From the lack of resources in the hospital where a person receives care, to not being able to find the right offerings for their specific disability, to becoming isolated from the lack of connections with the disabled community in their area, people with disabilities often have difficulty finding the products, services, events, information and community they need to thrive in their Amplife®.

The Amplife® Foundation connects you with Resources, Causes, Ambassadors, Stories and Organizations — in your neighborhood and across the globe, bringing the disabled community together and empowering people worldwide.

The donations will support: Providing community connections and grants to help & empower the disabled community.

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