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Amplife® Foundation & Amplife® Founder Abdul Nevarez shoulder pressing in his home gym Amplife® Foundation & Amplife® Founder Abdul Nevarez shoulder pressing in his home gym

Helping & empowering the disabled community.

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*Disability affects everybody.

The Amplife® Foundation’s mission is to help & empower the disabled community*.

Community is imperative.

No matter if you were born with disabilities or you're new to the community, we're with you. Support systems ensure that you’re not alone.

Portrait of Team Amplife® Ambassador Michael Braxton Jr.
"Amplife shows the world just how STRONG we are! How we have turned our disabilities into super abilities and represent ourselves proudly! I believe and embody everything Amplife is. I’m a death cheater, I can’t stop, and will NEVER stop. Whenever I wear Amplife gear, I feel Amplife is me! I can show the world who we are, what we can do, and just how badass we are!"

Michael Braxton Jr.
Left Below Knee Amputee
Police Officer / Public Speaker / Motivator
New Jersey's 1st Amputee K9 Officer
Member Since June 9th, 2013

Make an impact.

Team Amplife® Ambassador Cassidy Esty about to hit a hockey puck
"I have loved Amplife since I found them after becoming an amputee. I love the Amplife vision, that they support all lifestyles, the message that is represented, and the style of gear. My Amplife hat and Severed Society hoody was the first amp gear I purchased after becoming an amputee. I love the donation piece that’s added in as well!"

Cassidy Esty
Right Below Knee Amputee
Survivor / Prosthetic Technician
USA Stand-up Amputee Hockey Player
Member Since September 1st, 2017

More ways to help & empower.

Disability is the largest (1 billion+ people) and only minority group that anybody can join, at any time.

Imperative Disabled Information
Portrait of Amplife® Supporter sitting on their 1970's Chevy

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