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Rio Mobility Mechanic working on a wheelchair attachment

About Rio Mobility

Rio Mobility, the brainchild of Bart Kylstra, was founded in 2006 as a recreational vehicle company in San Francisco, starting with the first wheelchair attachable handcycle conceived by Bart, the Dragonfly.

Garnering attention from the wheelchair community, the Dragonfly’s design, ease of use and price point became a successful first offering from the company, leading to its, now flagship product, the Firefly. 
Bart Kylstra Rio Mobility Founder
Bart Kylstra Rio Mobility Founder

November 14th, 2018

On this date, our company was forever changed:

Bart Kylstra was murdered by Kuk Kim, a fellow employee, in the San Francisco Rio Mobility Office.

Bart was a kind, thoughtful person who never stopped thinking about how he could improve the world. He found fulfillment by applying his passion for engineering to helping people with disabilities lead full and independent lives. To have known Bart was to have the extraordinary experience of seeing what we could all strive to become: Kind, loving, forgiving, peaceful, and deeply appreciative of everyone.

Our founder often worked late into the night and on weekends as he tried to secure more funding for the company. Kylstra tinkered with designs and spent much of his time trying to improve the world around him.

He was passionate about applying his skills to help people with disabilities better navigate tricky terrain. This inquisitiveness also extended to thinking of ways to construct auditoriums with better acoustics as he waited for concerts, or building a quieter vehicle after being woken up by loud garbage trucks in the middle of the night.

In his downtime, Kylstra redesigned a boat and frequently drove up to the Sacramento Delta on weekends to spend time on the water. His fix-it mind-set applied to every part of his life — even in trying to understand problems his family and friends faced.

Despite the natural flaws we all have, he was quick to look past these, to seek out the stories in our lives that led to these behaviors.

Kylstra is survived by his girlfriend, mother and eight siblings.

Amplife® Founder Abdul Nevarez with Rio Mobility workers including CEO Alex Hunt wearing Amplife Clothing at Rio Mobility's headquarters in Berkeley
Amplife® Founder Abdul Nevarez with Rio Mobility workers including CEO Alex Hunt wearing Amplife Clothing at Rio Mobility's headquarters in Berkeley


In November 2019, Alex Hunt (right) became the COO of Rio Mobility, and in April 2020, became the CEO.

Alex's experience is the culmination of almost a decade in the transportation industry and more than fifteen years in logistics management.

We focus on designing both manual and power attachments that are lightweight and readily compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs currently available on the market.

The Firefly, Dragonfly and the eDragonfly offers our customers the freedom and choice to travel in the manner that best suits their individual needs. We strive to offer the best product at competitive prices, backed by fast, responsive customer service.

Alex Hunt & Rio Mobility are not only proud to continue Bart's legacy, but continually strive to provide the best state-of-the-art wheelchair attachments for the world.