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Cassidy Esty

Right Below Knee Amputee
Survivor / Prosthetic Technician / USA Stand-up Amputee Hockey Player
Veneta OR, United States

September 1st, 2017

Death Cheater™ Day - Date of joining the disabled community

Cassidy's Next Goal: Skydiving

"One day at a time. Get busy living"

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Cassidy's Amplife® Story

On September 1st 2017, I lost my right leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident. It has been a long road with 9+ surgeries.

I am back to riding motorcycles every day now. Got back into playing ice hockey, a sport I grew up playing but hadn’t played in many years. I now play with the USA Stand-up Amputee Hockey Team, and play multiple times a week at my local arena during the season. I have gotten back into riding BMX bikes which I enjoy doing with my kids.

It’s all about living and learning to do the things I love, “just a little differently now”.

Get to know 'em

How do you give back to the community?

I have become a prosthetic technician and pour my passion into helping others get a good fitting prosthesis in hopes to help their daily quality of life.

Song that gets you hyped?

Hold Strong - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard.

Proudest moment?

I can’t say one for sure. Swinging a leg back over a Harley, getting back on the ice to skate, and getting the invite to skate with the USA Stand-up Amputee Hockey Team would be some.

Favorite way to be active?

Playing ice hockey.

Guilty pleasure?

I love late night top ramen.

What do you love about Amplife®?

I have loved Amplife since I found them after becoming an amputee. I love the Amplife vision, that they support all lifestyles, the message that is represented, and the style of gear. My Amplife hat and Severed Society hoody was the first amp gear I purchased after becoming an amputee. I love the donation piece that’s added in as well!