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Danielle Miller Williams

Right Below Knee Amputee / Cerebral Palsy on One Side
Stay at Home Mom
Fruithurst AL, United States

August 8th, 1995 & August 16th, 2022

Death Cheater™ Day - Date of joining the disabled community

Danielle's Next Goal: Run for the first time in my life

"Be the person you wish others could see and want to be"

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Danielle's Amplife® Story

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy on one side at birth. I've had foot braces, multiple doctors visits, surgeries, and therapies my whole life. I was lucky enough to never be wheelchair bound and could live a life as independent as it could be thus far. I got married and had a baby!

After that, my surgeries started coming undone and my bones are disintegrating, so I decided it's time to bite the bullet, get an amputation and let something (my foot) go that's already gone. So on August 16th, 2022, I got an amputation in order to be fully available physically for my son as he grows up to be an amazing young man.

I want to prove to him and others you've got to reach as high as the stars. Anything is possible if you just breathe and believe in yourself!

Get to know 'em

How do you give back to the community?

Living the Amplife through my social media and showing others that anything is possible.

Song that gets you hyped?

Dancing In The Dark - Rihanna.
Scars To Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara.

Proudest moment?

When my doctor said I could just cut my foot off and start over. No more foot braces, no more pain and no more surgeries.

Favorite way to be active?

Line dancing in a honky tonk.

Guilty pleasure?

Getting my toes done, even the prosthetic ones.

What do you love about Amplife®?

I get to represent one of the greatest causes out there! It's a community that has many different people from different places and different cultures. It allows me to be a part of something that is very much bigger than myself.