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Firefly 2.5 Features and Specifications

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  • Since 2006: Rio Mobility has been manufacturing industry leading wheelchair attachments. We have unparalleled expertise to create the best attachments in the world.

    Powerful Electric Drive System: Powered by the latest generation Panasonic GA Cell Lithium-ion Battery & 350W 36V Motor, the Firefly 2.5 easily overcomes obstacles, such as grass & hills, and maintains safe driving characteristics, without compromising on comfort.

    Custom Extruded Shape: The aluminum 6061-T6 reduces riding vibration of the Firefly 2.5 while increasing strength. The matching stem profile with shim insert allows for smooth handlebar height adjustment.

    Modified Motor Wire: The wire exits from the axle at the frame instead of the axle end to reduce wire damage.

    Integrated Motor Rim: The integrated wide rim matches the wide tire profile for maximum traction.

    Dual Disk Brake Pad Cooling Fins: To prevent overheating, the dual disk brakes are integrated with cooling fins, providing maximum stopping power.

    Quick Release Coupler Plates: After the initial installation process, the Firefly 2.5 latches on and off the wheelchair in less than 5 seconds with the quick release clips.

    Quick Release Center Docking Frame: The main docking frame and the U-crossbar frame can be removed from each other, without tools. This allows the Firefly 2.5 to be one of the most compactable electric scooter wheelchair attachments available.

    Full Color Module: The Firefly speed mode adjustment is controlled via a high-resolution 2.5" TFT LCD full color display with haptic touch feedback. It showcases the current status of the battery, distance traveled, mode and speeds. The programmability of the module can be adapted to the user’s personal needs.

    Effortless Electric Start: With the push of a button on the full color module, the Firefly 2.5 immediately starts, waiting to take you on your journey.

    Büchel LED Headlights: Adjustable dual 50 Lux per side LED Light System allowing you to be seen and see the road.

    Split Fender Mud Guard: The mud guard matches the wide tire profile and is very durable, keeping you protected from the elements.

    Locking Headset: The headset, where the steering mechanism is located, is able to be locked, allowing for safe and easy transfers of the Firefly 2.5 off the wheelchair.

    Dual Rolling Kickstand: Comes standard with the Firefly 2.5, allowing for upright storage when it is off the wheelchair.

    Color-Coded Ergonomic Handlebar Anti-Slip Grips with Bar-ends: Separate color-coded silicon thumb throttles for forward and reverse with included bar-ends, ensuring your hands stay in place.

    Upgraded Battery: Not only is the Panasonic 36V, 7Ah, 252Wh lithium-ion battery lightweight (4lbs) but it also has an increased range of 15+ miles / 24+ kilometers of range with a charge time of 3 hours if it is fully discharged.

    USB-A Charging Port: The Firefly 2.5 doubles as a mobile device power bank with an integrated USB-A charging port.

    Mirrored Dual-pull Brake Calipers: An industry 1st system allowing for easy adjustments and even pad wear.

    Integrated Bell: Easily accessible on the left brake lever to let people know that you're near them.

    Smooth Power Delivery: The 350W, 36V geared brushless hub motor with reinforced hybrid nylon / steel gears provides strong power to the Firefly 2.5, without compromising on comfort.

    90° Steering System: The Firefly 2.5 is able to make extremely sharp turns due to the steering column turning to a complete 90°, ensuring you can maneuver with ease.

    Quiet Operation: Special consideration was made to ensure the device is as silent as possible to respect venues that require limited noise, such as a shopping mall or inside an office. When the Firefly 2.5 is turned on, it is completely silent until the electric motors are engaged. Once the device is in motion, there is a slight whir, which is quieter than an electric golf cart.

    Superior Frame Rigidity: Great handling starts with a sturdy frame, that is also light. By constructing the frame out of custom extruded aluminum, weight is saved, but more importantly it makes the chassis more responsive while absorbing shocks and vibrations. The result is that an individual is not only assured unrivaled stability with the Firefly 2.5, but a smooth and comfortable ride as well.

    Oversized Tire: With your choice of Innova 12.5 x 3.0 in (75-203) off-road or road tire, the Firefly 2.5 will overcome tough terrains with ease.

    Dual 160mm Rotor Disc Brakes: The Firefly 2.5 smoothly and quickly stops once the individual pulls the brake levers on the handlebar.

    Low Battery Placement: To keep the center of gravity low, the battery of the Firefly 2.5 is located as low as possible on the frame. It's another reason why the device handles so well.

    Unmatched Ergonomics - From the position of the thumb throttles to the easily accessible compactable frame, every inch of the Firefly 2.5 was designed to maximize ease of operation by individuals with different disabilities, without sacrificing comfort or control.

    Customizable Options: They may not improve performance, but the different colors sure look good.

    Smooth Styling: Blending the frame of the Firefly 2.5 does more than just make the device look smooth, fast, and stylish. It also helps you remove dirt off the frame without having to fight crevices within individual body panels. Nothing wrong with smooth, fast, and stylish, though.

  • Engine Type: Electric

    Battery Range: ~15 miles / 24 kilometers

    Charge Time: ~3 hours if the battery if fully discharged

    Motor: 350W, 36V Geared, Brushless Hub Motor with Reinforced Hybrid Nylon / Steel Gears

    Motor Wire: Exits from the axle at the frame instead of the axle end, reducing wire damage

    Battery: Removable Panasonic Ga 20 Cell, 36V, 7Ah, 252 Watt Hours

    Battery Charger: Small 36V, 2A Output UL / USA Strong Three Pin Charge Port

    Battery Port: USB-A Charging Port

    Transmission: Front Wheel Drive, 5-Speed Modes

    Maximum Speed Forward: 12 MPH / 19 KPH
    Maximum Speed Reverse: 2.91 MPH / 4.68 KPH

    Surmountable Obstacles: 4 in / 10.16 cm

    Wheel Size: Innova Oversize 12.5 x 3.0 in (75-203)

    Wide Motor Rim: Integrated Wide Rim to match the Wide Tire Profile

    Frame: Custom Extruded Shape Aluminum 6061-T6

    Suspension: The frame reduces riding vibration and absorbs shock

    Brakes: Dual 160mm Rotor Disc Brakes

    Brake Calipers: Industry 1st Mirrored Dual-pull Brake Calipers

    Brake Lever: Locking Lever with Integrated Bell

    Brake Pads: Disc Brake Pads with Cooling Fins

    Headlights: Adjustable Büchel Dual 50 Lux per side LED Light System

    Grips: Ergonomic Separate Color Coded Anti-Slip Silicon Forward & Reverse Thumb Throttles with Bar-Ends

    Display: Full Color High Resolution 2.5" TFT LCD Display with Haptic Touch Feedback

    Headset: Easily Lockable Steering Headset

    Dock: Quick Release Center Docking Frame, without tools

    Frame Shim Insert: Smooth Handlebar Height Adjustment

    Mud Guard: Wide Tire Profile Durable Split Fender

    Kickstand: Dual Rolling Kickstands for Upright Storage

    Length: 35 in / 89 cm

    Width: 13 in / 33 cm

    Height: 12 in / 31 cm

    Maximum Occupancy Weight including Wheelchair: 280 lbs / 130 kgs

    Attachment Frame Weight: 5.8 lbs / 2.6 kgs

    Drive Unit Weight: 14.3 lbs / 6.5 kgs

    Battery Weight: 4 lbs / 1.81 kgs

    Total Unit Weight: 24.1 lbs / 10.91 kgs

    Operation & Storage temperature: Must not exceed 0° - 100° F (-20° - 40° C)

    Color: Matte Black, Dark Metallic Grey, Chrome Red, Metallic Silver






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