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Tracy Metzger

Left Below Knee Amputee
Entrepreneur / Life Coach / Veteran
Cedar Rapids IA, United States

July 16th, 2016

Death Cheater™ Day - Date of joining the disabled community

Tracy's Next Goal: Get back on snow skis

"Grit and gratitude"

Connect with Tracy

Tracy's Amplife® Story

Hi! I'm Tracy Metzger, a wife and mother of 2 grown. I lost my left leg due to a 6" blood clot in the artery of my calf in July of 2016 at the age of 49. After 23+ surgeries and months at a time in the hospital, I don't live in the past or dwell on things I can't do. I live life to the fullest with what I have and slide in sideways when I can.

My mission is to help as many amputees, people with disabilities, families and friends to find their new footing, to become happy and learn how to have fun again. 2 years after losing my leg, I decided to put my life coaching skills to work. I founded Life After Limbs to help others just like me. Finding resources to help with prosthetics, how to exercise, tips in the shower, daily activities, words of encouragement and my best skill of all, listening.

Get to know 'em

How do you give back to the community?

I'm a peer support for 3 local hospitals in our community, run an amputee support group, help amputees find resources they need, and provide LOTS of humor.

Song that gets you hyped?

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars.

Proudest moment?

I fought to stay alive after my amputation and defied the odds of living through a 4x4x1 blood clot in the atrium of my heart.

Favorite way to be active?

Anything that has to do with water; swimming, kayaking, boating, water skiing, paddle boarding, and fishing.

Guilty pleasure?

I golf any time I can.

What do you love about Amplife®?

Amplife gives me encouragement and humor. I believe amputees that embrace their story and have fun are the ones that make it through all the grit. We are the Severed Society with a whole lot of gratitude.